Friday, June 8, 2012


so everyone remembers that short lived emo band that was played on the radio pop stations fifty million times a day back in the mid-2000's? fallout boy? well i bet you remember their bass player. cute, emo, and well just plain hot, Pete Wentz was the fav of the group by far(even though it was Patrick Stump who had those amazing vocals and is pretty cute himself, ya know). so, Pete started out with a pretty sweet emo flop. then Ashely came into the picture and they got married and this happened.
he got a beard. WFT!? i thought it was the worst look he could or would ever have.....but no. he went and proved me wrong. he and Ashley got a divorce and now, in 2011 he's single. hurray for all the girls who love him. but the issue he has this....
AN AFRO?!!! REALLY!? Pete, please listen to me.....GET RID OF IT! i say you just go back to your emo flop, its what we all feel in love with. just get rid of the fur ball on your head. Bronx is embarrassed to be seen with you. its in his eyes. if not for the girls, do it for the love of your son!!!!

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