Friday, June 8, 2012

a look back at Nickelback's career

last time i was talking about pet peeves with bands. here's my biggest one, Nickelback. what the hell?! so for like the past few months or years everyone's known Chad Kroeger, the lead singer, is leaving for his own solo career. basically, with out Chad there is no Nickelback. but that's not what i'm worried about. these guys have been trying too hard to keep their nonexistent fanbase. they've tried it all; songs about hookers, drinking songs, wannabe sappy love songs, trying to turn metal. the only thing these guys haven't done is make a country song (thank god!!!!) but really. i hate to see them so down that they have to try to be bands they're not. its just plain pathetic. my advice? just give it up! its over and no one likes your music anyway!! eh. like they care. whatever, thats all i got to say bout em. 

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