Friday, June 8, 2012

On New Singer(?) Rebecca Black

first off.....who the hell is she!??? why is she singing?!! and lastly, who let her write her own song???!!!!
heres a sample of the lyrics:

"seven am. wakin up in the morning. gotta get fresh. gotta go down stairs. gotta have my bowl. gotta have my cereal.....gotta get down to the bus. stop gotta catch my breath. i see my friends. kicking in the front seat. hanging in the back seat. gotta make my mind up. which seat can i take? its friday, friday, gotta get down on friday."

and thats enough of that. alright...she said "gotta" one too many times. what is so wronge with the world that we're letting these kinda people sing just because of something like looks or money!!? where have all the true artists gone. this is really sad. she's pretty, yes. she can sing, no. she can write songs, hell no! someone put me out of my misery!!! 

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