Friday, June 8, 2012

On a Very Important Issue

as a fan of many controversy artist, such as Marilyn Manson, Eminem, B.I.G, Alice Cooper and so on, i feel strongly about the fact that some people would like to make them into evil figures. people like the media, religious figures, and conservatives. they make others believe that these people are evil and are not human, like them. they tell people that they are the cause for things like Colubimn, suicide, murders, and so on. now, i might sound biest when i say that none of these "dangurous" musicians cause anything the media or anyone says. but the truth of the matter is they really don't. i've spent a great deal of time playing over and over my fav heavy metal songs till the CD gives out.

though i've never once wanted to worship satan, kill people, ect. i've also been a huge fan of rap since i was young, artist like Em, Snoop, and 2pac have been a big part of my life. and yet i've never once wanted to buy a gun and use it on people. i've never wanted to do drugs either. so, to all the haters, why is it that i don't fit your so called statics? why don't i act like the teens you claim act out due to this music. i believe music is made from emotions for people to get out these feelings in a positive way.

its also for the fans to get out wants bothering them in their lives. music can make you feel thinks, anger, saddness, happiness. but it cant control, if it could, thered be a hell of a lot more shit happening. there would be more teens killing people, buying guns, doing drugs. i mean, its true that there are teens that do these things, but they are few. people that are out killing others have mental issues, not the wrong tast in music. the music and the artists are not the ones who committ these crimes, its the truly distrubed teens that need help. 

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