Friday, June 8, 2012

On P.O.D. "Lost in Forever"
for those of you who were wondering what POD has been up too, here it is. their latest song "Lost in Forever" has hints of the older POD but also a new freshness. the music video is very interesting. placed in space, there's the astronaut who looks all over the barren landscape in search of something he cant find. at the end, madness takes over and he believes he sees the woman he loves and takes off his helmet to kiss her, only to be kissed by death. the song itself is very mellow and calm. duel vocals from lead Sonny Sandoval and bassist Traa Daniels make this song worth hearing again and again. while POD began as a Christian Metal band, this song appears to have a slight under tone of uncertainty about whether God and heave are really waiting for us on the other side. the song is about trying to find out what is left for us after we die. do we go to heaven or will we " just float around in this moment of time and space"? who's to say. i give the video a five out of five for great creativity and i give the song a five out of five as well. 

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