Friday, June 8, 2012

On Manson's new song "Born Villain"

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

by now im sure you know how i feel about all of Mr. Manson's latest shit. thats just what it is. SHIT!!!! the latest single from the aging bastard is titled "Born Villain" the name its self is stupid as fuck. that sounds like the title for an anti-hero comic about the villain. its basicaly not all that creative. the song its self sound like a dubstep verion of a popular rock song, not a Marilyn Manson song. while i do realize that Manson doesn't really call his music "metal" that doesn't mean its not. just like when Sean of London After Midnight said his band wasn't goth, it didn't stop millions of goth kids from loving them. Manson started out as a metal band and will always be seen as one becuase thats the kind of music he's been making up till Eat Me, Drink Me. and that in there lays our issue. you can't play only metal music for a little over 18 years and then suddenly play shitty techno music. it just doesn't work. this is the kind of behavior that makes people call you a sellout. i get it. you're bored with music. you want to do more movies and paintings. thats cool. but please, please don't make an album just to make an album. put some time into it. some real feelings. dig up one of your old notebooks and read so of the pages and get some ideas from that old anger that made fans like me love you. please take my advice and just take a break from music for a lil while. we'll live if you don't put out another album right me. we dont need the dissapointment it brings. i really won't be looking forward to the concert to support this album. and that's all i really have to say about that. 

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