Friday, June 8, 2012

on Seether's "Country song" (the video and song)

i'd like to start off by saying....WFT SEETHER!!!!!? what is wrong with you guys?! you're a metal band trying to make it in country music now? really?!! what was wrong with being a metal band?! do you fucking hate your fans?! what do the country fans love you better than we do?! did they buy Disclaimer? do they love "Remedy"?!!! i think fucking NOT!!!! isn't not even a good country song. its some kinda shit about country and a party!!! really?! thats not a country song!!! and the music video! some bratty lil kid playing with action figures and barbies and the teddy bear is the sheriff?! why are you cowboys? that makes no sense. you guys need to turn your chapsed asses back around back to metal! damn! i much rather watch Rebecca Black's song.....and we all know how i feel about that song.... 

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