Friday, June 8, 2012

My Top 10 Metal Bandsi love this genera of music the most. you feel impowered by hearing it. the vocal work is amazing as well. how in music's name can someone do that with their voice!!?

Top 10 Metal Bands:

1- Slayer (one of the first and best. if ur a true metalhead, then u have to love em!! its just the law)

2- Megadeth (while newer to the scene, they're still a great metal band)

3- Mork Btyning (their sound is the purest metal, loud and hard to understand, but hey that why we love metal, right?!)

4- Ozzy Osbourne(how can we deny the Prince of Darkness! his crazy on and off stage behavior has made us worry, and his songs have inspired us!)

5- Ritual Carnage (deep into the black metal scene we go, crazy loud and obscene lyrics pull us in farther.)

6- Emperor (these stupid crazy bastards may burn crosses and churches, they still know how to make the best black metal music out there!!)

7- Judas Priest (i love, love, love these guys. Rob Halford has the best vocals in the metal scene [well other than Mr. Dio]. their look is amazing and bad-ass. great band worth hearing over and over again.)

8- Seether (my curtain obsession. their look and sound is amazing and pure.)

9- Korn ( another one of my obsessions. with their vocals and unique look its no wonder how popular they are. though i have not been able to go to a concert yet, i still cant help being in love with they're amazing thrash style.)

10- Iron Maiden (its always best to finish strong and who's stronger than Maiden?! their lyrics, look, and pure metal style one can not deny the awesome pull of Maiden. but this list is my current favs and only the ones i could think of off the top of my head. that's why its a 'Top 10' and not a best of list or something.)

like i said above, this is a 'Top 10' list not a best of list. i will be doing some 'Clash' pages which are two bands, CDs, artists, or genera of music go head to head. i'll basically give the pro's and con's of both and then have u guys give ur opinions and then a winner will be chosen. (i'll give a time limit for voting) thanx for reading.

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