Friday, June 8, 2012

Eminem and Marilyn Manson- "The way I am"

i love bout Manson and Eminem, so the minuet i learned that they did a song together i was all over it. i hit up youtube and google looking for it. and now i've seen the official music, the interview, and both live shows far too many times to count. "The way i am" is a great and powerful song that came out at just the right time for both men. Eminem has been hasled over he's racy lyrics and for "acting black". while Manson was getting killed about Columbine, because everyone thought he made the kids do it. the song is almost a plea for everyone to fuck off their cases. i love the way the music video shows how no one knows how to leave Em be. people rush up to him when he's out to eat with his wife and kid. they stand outside the bathroom stales waiting for pictures and autographs. its funny, but at the same time you can see why he's getting so pissed off at them. would you really want people stalking you very minuet of your life? but my favorite part is when Em is standing in this dark, one windowed room and slowly, out of the dark comes Manson wearing nothing but black leather pants and paint. i'd be a little freaked if Manson just appeared like that behind me. though this scene has nothing on Manson's "dancing" on stage with Em. in the first live video i saw, Manson had on a tee, dress pants, and his trademark, does-anyone-really-need-to-be-this-tall-? combat boots. once more, he came out of the dark behind Em. while Em went on rapping, Manson thought he'd play "follow the leader". he tagged behind Em all over the stage and stuck one arm out in front and bounced up and down. then when Em put a foot up on the speaker and leaned in close to the crowd, Manson did so too, only looking completely silly. for the live show from Germany, Manson, once again, didn't have a shirt on. this time Manson entered the stag from a castle tower in the background. in this one i could clearly hear Manson singing. Em also stopped and few times on the lyrics to let Manson be heard better. no matter which version of the video you see, its bound to be great. Manson will look like a silly little white boy and Eminem will looked pissed as always. as for the song it's self. its a great song with well chosen lyrics and a perfect beat. out of all the lines, my favorite is "i'll smile in the courtroom and buy you a wardrobe." another well worded line from Em about how people find any reason to sue musicians like him and Manson. now you all better go check it out now. and buy the song.

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