Friday, June 8, 2012

On Kaya's "Can't Get You Out Of My Head"

well first off, Hurray! its the 50th post!!!! Yah!!! anyway. so we got this littl bottle blonde chick struting round in these tiny barbie doll clothes and ugs. and you wonder why he though you'd give it up? did no one tell her that her bra was hanging out or where they sitting there thinking "haha her bra's hangin out. she looks so dumb." her dancing is bad and she sounds like my cat in heat. she dances like a bad porn star whoes done way too much crack. and whats with the club, your like 15. you can't get into a club. if he keeps txting you then you should either one: have your cell number changed and only give it to your friends. or two: call the the fucking cops on him. and just becuz you put your hand on your hip and push out your lips does not mean you look sexy. you are trying way too hard to sound like Christaina Aguilara. your a little kid and your acting like a majory slut. just cuz you think you look good when you walk out the front door doesnt mean the whole world really thinks so too. its like Snookie. she believes she looks hot when she walks out of her house but the rest of us are just laughing behind her back. even i dance better than her, and i still cant always do the Hooky Poky right. she even tries to do the whole "Genie in a Bottle" dance that Christaina did. its just not working. Ark Music Factory produces yet another cookie cutter, run of the mill, shitty ass, pop star, under the age of 15 whos voice and bodie are under devloped and have no talent. 

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