Friday, June 8, 2012

on The Foo Fighters' "The pretender"

enter Dave and his powerful voice. then drums, and bass, and guitar and we're off. the setting is some kind of warehouse they did up with shinny white floors, neon lights, a giant red shinny wall for no reason and speakers. and here comes the swat team.....? or at lest one dude from the swat team. and he plans to take on all of the Foo guys? him and ah. and they appear. i love this song. fun, but angry. here he's trying to say that he's not like what everyone believes him to be. he's not gonna do what they did (who ever this "they" are). and then the red wall blows up! red water rushes over the guys and the swat team as they try to charge at the Foo Fighters. i love the angles as the guys play in the down pour. its really nicely done and would be even cooler in person, like one of their concerts. i'd love to see that happen. then he falls, but only after the singing is done. and the hero rises. :p all in all a nice solid 5 out of 5. 

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