Friday, June 8, 2012

On Rebecca Black's "My Moment"

so we've all heard the song "Friday" by the squicky voiced ten year old, right? well now she has a new song called "My Moment".....i really want to know what goes thru the heads of the ppl who produce her songs and videos. i mean who really sits around and thinks, "Wow! this is a great song! ppl are gonna love it!" !NO! come on now! her singing only improved by like 1/59th of what it was in "Friday". and the video? it was the same as any tween/teen pop stars video. there was the make-up set, riding in a limo with ppl or "Fans" chasing her down, there was the premire, and a some random dance scene that made me feel like i was watching the tryouts for High School Musical. the song was also 75% "This is my moment, my moment. this is my moment" bleh. songs about how their all gonna see how big you made it are LAME! if you have to write a song about how you made it big and they show feel sorry for being mean to you, then you really havent made it that big. they should see your face on the TV, in magazines, and hear ppl talking about going to your show in order to know that you've made it big. look, you don't have even one CD out yet and you already think your the shit?! really? i dont think so. the only time i hear your name is when someone says that its friday and everyone complains about now haven the song in their head. and their not happy about it. your a joke. even little kids think so. i much rather lisen to Miley Cyrce before i lisen to you. really, thats how bad it is. becuz anyone who knows me well enough (even just reading my blog would tell ya this) I FUCKIN HATE MILEY! so my advice to you, Rebecca, is get a new job, becuz the one you have now is just proving that your a whinny rich girl who got her parents to pay millions of ppl to dance like your puppets and make you seem famous. this is proving no one wrong about you. 

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