Sunday, June 10, 2012

On Ara

in my experience with youtube, there are four kinds of music people on there. 1) people who make songs to make you laugh (i.e. parodies) 2) people who make songs to help you learn something 3) people who think they can sing and have rich parents (i.e. Rebecca Black, Double Take) and 4) people who should already be signed they're so good. well Ara Music is number 4. this guys vocals are beautiful. While he may look a little like Joe Jonas (mid 2000's JJ) that doesn't take away from passion this guy breathes into his music. like i've stated in other posts, i don't normally like covers of songs. i hated when Manson thought he could cover the Eurythmics or when Attack Attack covered "i kissed a girl". but thats not the case with his cover of 3 Seconds to Mars, "The Kill". this is another great young artist. below is his video. tell me what you thought of Ara in the comments below.

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