Friday, June 8, 2012

On a Newish Screamo Band

this is by far my favorite screamo band. the imagery is dark,the vocals deep and powerfull. if your an anger and dark lil teen, then the Black Veil Brides are the band for you. 

thier name was originally Biersack when they began in 2006. the line up was Andy Six on Vocals, Johny Herold on guitar, and Phil Cenedella on bass. BVB came from Delhi, Ohio. it wasn't untill a year or so that they started up demo songs up on their myspace page.
Six, Cendelle, and Herold later got together with guitarist Nate Shipp and drummer Chris "Craven" Riesenberg. together, the five of them formed the Black Veil Brides. in 2007, they won second place in the Cincinnati "battle of the bands". in 2009, they where signed on to Standby Records. their first tour was in the December of 2009. it was titled, "On Leather Wings".
"We Stitch These Wounds" was their first album. it came out on July 20th of 2010. it sold nearly 11,000 copies the first week of sales. the current line up is Christian "CC" Coma on drums (2010-now), Jinxx on lead/ rhythm guitar and violin(2009-now), Jake Pitts on lead/rhythm guitar and backup vocals (2009-now), Ashley Purdy on bass guitar and back up vocals (2009-now), and Andrew Biersack "Andy Six" on lead vocals, piano, and keyboards (2006-now).

if your looking for a new band, then check these guys out. "Knives and pens" is by far their best song with "Perfect Weapon" and "Sweet Blasphemy" both ranking in a close second. 

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