Friday, June 8, 2012

Mike Starr (1966-2011)

as a long time Alice in Chains fan, i personally miss Mike Starr. Mike was the bassist for Alice in Chains. he passed away on March 8th of this year at the age of 44. in my book, 44 is far too young to die, but for many celbs, this is old. the cause of Mike's death is unknown as of yet, but it is noted that he was busted with a controlled substance last month in Salt Lake City. it is known that up till Starr's death, he struggled with his feelings of regret and guilt over the death of his friend and Alice in Chains bandmate, Layne Staley who died April 5th, 2002. it will be hard for Alice in Chains' remaining members to go on, and like with Slipknot who just last year lost their bassist, Paul Gray, we can expect a break from the band. it will be sad if they chose to never get back together, but it will definitely be understandable. 

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