Friday, June 8, 2012

On Jenna Rose's "My Jeans" fea. Baby Triggy

so i just found this vid from 2010 and i gotta say, someday ppl are going to look back at the year 2010 and say WHAT...THE...FUUUUUCCKKKKK!!!!!!?? that was the year of the shity Youtube "stars". the song is about a pair of jeans this kid, yes she's like ten years old, tried on once at the mall and how she saw them on the TV and on ppl like Hannana and True Jackson. if its something Hannana wore, then you shouldn't want to wear them. this was something her mother probaly filmed for her becuz she begged her to. all of the extras are probaly girls from her school that thought it would be cool to be on youtube. and Baby Triggy still looks like a baby. he's probaly the only one between the two that has any real talent. and the bed scene where she's half under the covers bouncing, just looks beyond creepy. it gets the pedo bear seal of aproval and nothing else. your ten and you can't sing, dont post creepy videos about jeans that you once tried on and now "famous" ppl are wearing. 

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