Friday, June 8, 2012

On Still Remains' Cover of "Head like a hole"

to me, covers are a great way to honor the musicians that inspired you. i also believe that sometimes there are just some songs we shouldn't redo. this isn't one of those cases. no, this is a case of doing it just like the original artist. the instrumental part is great. it's loud and fits the Still Remains' style of music. but as for the vocals, they are just like Trent's! and that's what makes this a bad cover. Still Remains has a very heavy sound and the vocalist is known for SCREAMING the lyrics, not singing like Trent Reznor. the vocals and the instrumental completely clash in this cover. when you do a cover you don't just sing it like them. you don't play the song like they did. that's boarding. you make the song your own. you take it and turn it into something that sounds like you wrote it. i don't want to be able to tell right off the bat that its someone else's song. unfortunately, they didn't get the memo and made a shitty cover. that's way i have to give this song a 2 out of 5. great instrumentals, but try to make the vocals your own next time. 

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