Friday, June 8, 2012

on the new Forever the Sickest Kids single "Crossroads"

this is a great new song by FTSK. "Crossroads (i guess you can say things are getting pretty serious)" starts out strong with plently of guitar and bass flooding your ears. it winds its way in to the first line, "you and me against the wall," the sound is very poppy with a darker edge to it. the song is about a break up that it seems neither really wants, but they know is coming. very sad and yet still pretty romantice. if you've never heard of Forever the Sickest Kids then you need to go into your bathroom and stick your head in your toilet and smack it with the lid repetly. no, really, i mean it. this is a great alternative band. anyone who likes Hawthorne Heights or All Time Low will love Forever the Sickest Kids. you need to check out thier new song. in fact, i demand you do so now!, check it out. i give the song a 5 out of 5. 

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