Friday, June 8, 2012

"Best of You" by The Foo Fighters

yes, i know. im goin on a totally Foo rapage, but still this is my blog and if all i want to do is talk about the Foo Fighters all day, i will. (no i wont) still. here's another great song from the Foo. at times, a little over played on the Blaze, but still a great song if you havent heard it 15 million times that week all ready. the video starts out with a nice close up of my boy, Dave. still loving his beard. he's like eating the mic! its a lil weird, but likable. the best part is its one of those old mics. slowly we move out only a little. this is another one of those great break up songs. where you're mad at them but not some much so that you just wanna say fuck you to them. you hope they have a nice life, but you never ever in a million billion years wanna see their fucking face around you're part of the world ever again. cuz if you do, some shits going down. meaning your fit meets their face. but i have to say the zooming kind of bugs me; in, out, in, out. choice already! finally we come out on all the guys dressed in black on some kind of stage in the middle of nowhere. flashing images flicker in between shots of the guys. a lil girl in a pink fairy costume, some creepy goth kid comin outta the shadows, words etched in a wall, waterfalls and all the scenes are sad or romantic in some way. miracles and animals kills each other, sad children and sex scenes we don't need to see. it all looks to be saying that she was his childhood friend, then they started dating, she turned out to be evil, maybe cheated on him, now his pissed and sad. very pissed. well i hope they are getting the best of this girl, cuz it looks like the best is evilness. is that a word? yeh, sure. anyway. a great video, even though im not sure what they're really going for with it. still totally worth watching. 

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