Friday, June 8, 2012

On Manson's cover of "You're so vain"

okay. if the title of this post doesnt already confuse you then let me continue. so the song "JoYou're so vain" is an 80's song about well some dude thinkin the whole world is baised around him. (or her. i'm not a 100% sure if it is about a man or a lady) anyway, so theres the first weird part. i've heard nearly every song sung by Mr. Manson but i've never heard him sing something as wierd and campy as "You're so vain". now for the second part of this wierd cover. Johnny Depp is also singing with Mr. Manson. now i dont think Johnny is a bad singer, i just think this pair is strange. freak of nature/ Anit-christ Superstar sharing a stage with akward actor and all around hunky man. sounds like a match made in...well i dont really know where youd find a pair like this. maybe in Canada? the sound of how they remade the song is odd too. it's all poppy. not heavy metal like Manson used to do three albums ago. if this is how the rest of the ablum is gonna sound, im sooo not asking for it for christmas again. but really, i guess its the best he can create now that he's given up making real music anymore. this song is good for if you wanna sit around and make fun of Manson. but if you're a true fan (and i mean not one of thos lil teen kids who just jumped on the band wagon when High End of a Low hit stores) then you'll not wanna deal with this shit. but hey, go see for yourself. go hear it and let me know what you think. laters. 

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