Friday, June 8, 2012

Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks"

i love the old folk-y sound these guys have. yes, they are technically a "hippers band", but still. their sound is fun, up beat, and great to dance to. the music video starts out with them touring a bunch of little local places and messing around. it reminds me a lot of the Beatles "Hard Days Night" video. the song its self starts out slow but grows when it hits the course. behind the happy sound is a pretty dark sounding message. its like the "Semi-charmed Life" of 2011. the message is of someone with an abusive father and one day they decide to kill him, along with a few other people to slow to get away from the bullets. its like the happier take on "Jannie's got a gun". but its okay, because the only part anyone truly knows is the course,
"all the other kids with the pumped up kicks you'd better run, better run, outrun my gun, all the other kids with the pumped up kicks, you'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet." all in all, a great song,with a very scary message for such a happy song. fun music video and cool sound. 5 out of 5 for the song. and 4 out of 5 for the video. would have been cooler to see the character in the song shooting up everything. 

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