Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a review of a music video: Rob Zombie's Sick Bubblegum

heres a great Zombie song. i love this guy and i cant tell you just how many times of i seen this video. but i learned something recently, i dont always pay much attention to just who is in all the music videos i ingest daily. as i was watching this for the first time in about a month or so, i saw one of my fave guitarist, the one and only John5. i've loved 5 since i first heard him play on the earlier Manson tracks. i of course knew that he was working with Rob Zombie having seen him play, along with Joe Jordison of Slipknot. but to my knowledge he'd just joined before Zombie's tour with Alice Cooper. i was wrong.
in this video it starts with Rob saying, "We all know how we're gonna die, baby. We're all gonna crash and burn.". all of them dressed in a mix between metal head, teenage boys and cowboy. now the John5 im used to wears face paint and black. not some cowboy poncho. set in what looks like it could be someones basement or loge cabin, this doesnt scream Rob Zombie to began with. but then he begins to sing and we all know it has to be Rob, with his consent stream of "yeh"s and "baby"s. you add in the shots of the sexy girl blowing bubbles and the creepy dead animals and it works just fine for the song. though i would have wanted it to be just little more dark and Rob Zombie-ish. the only real problem i have is John5's outfit. other than that, its a good music video and a must see for any true Zombie fan.

Pet Peeve: System of a Down's B.Y.O.B

im sure all of you metal or rock fans may have heard of at one point of the band System of a down. i love these guys. their album Toxicity is one of my favorite CDs. the message in it is clear, the tempo of the songs work, and the vocals are amazing. they were a really great metal band, and then something went terribly wrong. no, im not talking about their break up (though that is still sad). im talking about the a song of theirs they made a lil before splitting. B.Y.O.B. while i do see the political part of the song, there is still something that gets me every time i hear it. this song is way more like that crap on pop radios. the wannabe techno shit that is more computer than a real person with real talent singing or playing. it sounds like they had Jay-Z or someone write it out for em. about 75% of this song is techno club trash, then they have the lil' guy, Daron Malakian screaming a bunch of nonsense. what happened to metal?!! why is metal music now trying to be part of the mainstream? metal is to be loud and heavy and not sound like mainstream shit! this song just makes me so p.o.ed. to go from songs like Chop Suey and Toxicity to this. its really sad. just like Nickelback's career falling in the crapper. anyway, thats all for this one. leave your comments below about how you feel about the song B.Y.O.B or any song from any artist.


heres a cute lil japanese band i luv! LM.C. made up of singer Maya and basest Aji, this dou is really cute, for two thirty year old dudes!! they may look young, but dont be fooled. their songs are fun and up beat. they dress punky but have soft hearts. there really is lil kno bout these guys. but outta all the japanese bands there are id have to say if u want a band thats fun, but serious then these are your guys. the vocals are nice. Maya has a sweet voice thats great to lison to for hours on end. Aji's base is beautiful and sets the whole mood for each song. the talents they call in for drums always seem to fit in fine with the guys. they look and sound are great, but there are acts pouring outta japan i luv more. so ill have to give the guys three;

Eminem reveiw

so heres another artist ive been wanting to share my thoughts on. i luv Eminem. he's my fav rap artist. he speaks right from his heart and has never tried to be anything but himself. his life has been on bad thing then a worse thing and then a horrible thing, but no matter what he keeps on going just like a soldier. for those who are wondering why we teens love him so much, its simple. he gets us. he sings about things we go though and speaks our feelings about them. there arent many artist who do this anymore. with grunge and Nirvana fading away from us, we have to find new artist and music to speak to us. he many not be the best rapper, but he is good at what he does. thats why im giving Eminem 4 out of 5 notes.

clash! 80's metal vs. 90's metal

alright. here's the first clash. 80's metal vs. 90's metal. now im going to give my ideas on both 80's and 90's metal, then you get to your ideas on them and then ill post the winner.

80's metal-
so here's what needs to be said about the metal coming outta the 80's, it was all chick music. now dont get me wrong here, im a girl and i love motle crue and poison, but can we really call this metal? it was hard and edgy and talked about sex, drugs, and murder. but rock talks bout this kinda stuff too. now was this really metal or just over'll glammed rock? as hot as they were and as loud as they were, i dont really know if we can consiter them metal.

90's metal-
90's. what a great time. Nirvana and non-crazy Britteny Spears. this was the time when Metalica was going strong. thrash metal was taking over; Korn, Metalica, then came grung; Alice in chains, Nirvana. they were loud, crazy, dark, and creepy all things metal is made of. if you wanted something to bang your head to, these were the artist for you. this was only the start of metal becoming harder and louder. before it had been closer to rock, but now it was more mascaline.