Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pet Peeve: System of a Down's B.Y.O.B

im sure all of you metal or rock fans may have heard of at one point of the band System of a down. i love these guys. their album Toxicity is one of my favorite CDs. the message in it is clear, the tempo of the songs work, and the vocals are amazing. they were a really great metal band, and then something went terribly wrong. no, im not talking about their break up (though that is still sad). im talking about the a song of theirs they made a lil before splitting. B.Y.O.B. while i do see the political part of the song, there is still something that gets me every time i hear it. this song is way more like that crap on pop radios. the wannabe techno shit that is more computer than a real person with real talent singing or playing. it sounds like they had Jay-Z or someone write it out for em. about 75% of this song is techno club trash, then they have the lil' guy, Daron Malakian screaming a bunch of nonsense. what happened to metal?!! why is metal music now trying to be part of the mainstream? metal is to be loud and heavy and not sound like mainstream shit! this song just makes me so p.o.ed. to go from songs like Chop Suey and Toxicity to this. its really sad. just like Nickelback's career falling in the crapper. anyway, thats all for this one. leave your comments below about how you feel about the song B.Y.O.B or any song from any artist.


  1. hey shut up, watch them play it live and see for yourself that the song is not computer at all you idiot. System is so against mainstream that every album they release has to sound different from their last, maybe that's what you are noticing, and if the song wasn't heavy then BYOB wouldn't have won the grammy for Best Heavy Metal Song of the year, jeez you're dumb.

  2. okay heres my issue with what you just said- "System is so against mainstream that every album they release has to sound different from thier last" okay if they hate the mainstream then why would they accept a fucking grammy?! grammies are the epitome of conformity. winning a grammy doesn't mean its good it means a bunch of popular ppls got together and decided that this was okay enough to be on their show calling it a "heavy metal" award makes it look like their not keepin ppl out of their lil world. but in truth they still are by not pickin a song that really sounds like metal so listen to some Black Sabbath or Led Zepplin then come back and see if you still think that song is "heavy metal"