Wednesday, March 2, 2011

clash! 80's metal vs. 90's metal

alright. here's the first clash. 80's metal vs. 90's metal. now im going to give my ideas on both 80's and 90's metal, then you get to your ideas on them and then ill post the winner.

80's metal-
so here's what needs to be said about the metal coming outta the 80's, it was all chick music. now dont get me wrong here, im a girl and i love motle crue and poison, but can we really call this metal? it was hard and edgy and talked about sex, drugs, and murder. but rock talks bout this kinda stuff too. now was this really metal or just over'll glammed rock? as hot as they were and as loud as they were, i dont really know if we can consiter them metal.

90's metal-
90's. what a great time. Nirvana and non-crazy Britteny Spears. this was the time when Metalica was going strong. thrash metal was taking over; Korn, Metalica, then came grung; Alice in chains, Nirvana. they were loud, crazy, dark, and creepy all things metal is made of. if you wanted something to bang your head to, these were the artist for you. this was only the start of metal becoming harder and louder. before it had been closer to rock, but now it was more mascaline.

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