Thursday, June 28, 2012

what is to be the last post

so here we are. i've posted nearly a 100 pages, have 2 followers, and possibly made some eniemes. and this is were i'll end it. no, not because of anyones comments. the truth is i decided this isn't what i wanna do for the rest of my life. i enjoy writing and i love talking about music, but the fact is that this isn't as much fun as i thought. it's hard to come up with new ways to say the same thing. so the other day i finally figured out just what it is i want to do all my life; i wanna make dolls. not baby dolls but fashion dolls like Barbie or Monster High or Jem. so thats what imma start doing. i'll be creating another blog for my ideas and prototypes. i'm not gonna delete this blog. i just wont post anything new. well, i might post my music themed comics. well thats all. bye everyone.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On Metal Trololo

so i have found another pretty epic video. for those of you who are net surfers and youtube freaks you probably have heard of the Trololo dude. if not, he's basically this dude from like the 70's who sang this really odd song. he recently passed away and this man decided to pay tribute to him in the form of a metal guitar solo. this is probably one of my fave things ive seen someone play with a guitar. below is the original Mr. Trololo and next to that is the metal cover.

On Alice Cooper Covering Lady Gaga

so i was browsing musicfails when i came across this lil video. Alice Cooper Covers "Born this way". well i like Alice and i like positive-gay-rights-pop-songs and i like Lady Gaga so i took a listen. this is pretty....interesting. i dont think i've ever seen this many black clad kids get this happy a pop song thats not from the 80's. as far as covers go, this was pretty good. i liked it all rocked up and better yet Gaga herself was there dressed as a member of Cooper, wailing on a guitar. now of course Alice isn't a girl nor is he a gay. but he is a strange lil man who likes to wear dark make up and chop his own head off. so natural he had to put his own twist on it. "Called my self Alice and surprised my dad. he just didn't understand.i worn my make up, i acted bad,but it was all just part of the be a freak is not a sin!there's not that we can't do....I'm beautiful in my way,cuz god makes no mistakes,i'm on the right track baby i was born this way!" let me tell you this was a show worth going to. Gaga killed it on guitar out there and Alice did a perfect cover of this song that fit to his crowd and himself as well. i hope to see Gaga playing with more big rock stars like this. also as a side note, she has also done a remix of her song "Love Game" with Marilyn Manson that is also out-of-this-world-freaky-good. i give this a 5 out of 5 and am dying for much more from the Queen Monster.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

On Call Me Maybe

so i been seeing a lot of parodies of this song and thinkin this must be another lil rich girl who thinks she can sing and used daddy's money to make a music video. well i was wrong. this chick, Carly something or other is a real singer. and the real song and video are super funny. the song is bout seeing some really cute dude from far away and wanting to get to know him better so she gives him her phone number to call her. only in a dramatic twist it turns out he bats for the other team. sigh im sure there are many girls who've had to deal with this awkwardness. (i being shy and waiting to be asked out have never had to deal with that) but that's beside the point. the point being...well im not sure anymore. other than this is a real song by a pretty cool singer. if you haven't seen the real video i recommend you go look it up. after seeing this i can only image what her other songs are like ..... i give the song a 4 out of 5 and the video a 5 out of 5.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

On My Friday Song

well its Friday again peoples. that means its time for my most favorite parody song ever, Slutty Friday! now im sure everyone by this time has heard of the real song "Friday" by Rebecca black. and for those of you who haven't, DON'T GO LOOK IT UP. but thats not what we'r tlkin bout here. "Slutty Friday" is a parody song written and sang by Bart Baker. he does loads of crazy parodies. this one is my fav to play on Fridays. my sister enjoys singing along, as she knows all the words. there really isn't much to say about it cuz i feel the title and video tell you more than i could ever. so here it is and happy Friday!

On The Darkness "christmas time (don't let the bells end)"

yes, i know it's not Christmas just yet, but that doesn't mean we can still talk about this. every year at Christmas time, there are a million bands that jump one making remakes of classics or making their own songs for this time of year. some are good, some are bad, and some are just plain weird. now i always find it funny when metal bands do x-mas songs. i mean think about it. a style of music that is based around darkness, being an outsider, and from time to time, Satan. but even with that there are bands like Twisted Sister who put out an x-mas album and it works. but this song, "Christmas time (don't let the bells stop)" is just a lil (forgive the pun) fruitier than fruit cake. but then again, i've never really seen The Darkness as being a very serious band to begin with. though this is a little more out there than what i've heard from them before. it is a good song and makes you smile and laugh a little when you see Justin Hawkins sprawled out on the floor in some sort of sexy Santa outfit. in the comment below tell me what you think of this song.

On Azrial St. Michael "sweet 16"

ah, how i do love youtube. i have truly found a new favorite. Azriel St. Michael's song "sweet 16" is a beautiful piece mixing gothic romance with the classic 80's glam rock instrumentals. for fans of Dio and Type O Negative alike will love Azriel. the song sounds like a cry to a lost love. a moving story of a girl he once head so close who's now gone from his life and he can never get back. the video is a wonderful piece as well. it was directed by Izaiah Kane and produced by Burning Nitrate Productions. the video shows him going thru his day seeing the girl in every place. in the comments below, tell me what you think of Azriel St. Michael.