Friday, June 8, 2012

BAND REVIEWS: Marilyn Manson

this band has been around since the mid 80's and have been going strong. while most of their fan-base has grown up and probably moved on from Manson, but there has been an ever changing and growing group of fans. their sound is a bit like thee Alice Cooper with a mix of sex, drugs, and Halloween fun. no matter what the song, Tainted Love, This is Halloween, or The Beautiful People he always has to git in his infamous scream. their live performances are over the top and insane. while the band is always quoted as being "gothic" this is not true in the lest bit and it pisses me off to here this, so all of u who think the band or Manson himself is "gothic" hear what i say next: the band-Marilyn Manson is NOT gothic, but they are SHOCK ROCK. (now shock rock is a branch of metal, think of Alice Cooper) if u haven't guessed yet, i like Manson. but there are some who would say the band has become a bunch of sell outs. to some their new CD, The High End of a Low, is more cermercial than what it used to be, i c this CD as their last 'Hurrah' as a band as soon Mr. Manson will be focusing mostly on his art career. Twiggy will more than likely continue on with his musical career, as will Chris Vrenna. as for the others, time will tell. now the rating. this is purely my opinion:

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