Friday, June 8, 2012

on The Foo Fighter's "Rope"

this song has become one of my new favs of 2011. i totally love the foo fighters. their look is laid back and fun. the sound is up-beat rock with a comical twist. the song "Rope" is hard to find the meaning of. did he fall and needs help back up? are they trying to get to a higher place, like a state of mind? hell if i or anyone knows. but the point is that this song is fun. it has a great beat that you can rock out to in the car to. anyone can sing along to a foo fighter's song. the video starts in a bright white box as the guys play the song like they're in the studio. Dave Grohl is still rocking the bread and long dirty hair every rocker should have. unless he's Bono or Lars, then short hair is the best thing for you. half way throw, the guys become nothing more than just black silhouettes against the bright white walls. then suddenly with the guitar solo, we get a blast of green and yellow dancing everywhere. "flashing lights, lights, lights" then red and orange kick in with blue strobbing. a fun trip with lots of sound and color mixed in. looking forward to their album. 

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