Friday, June 8, 2012

Manson and Jonhy D. Team up?!

so the other day a little bird "twitted" that on the new Marilyn Manson album coming out this year, there will be a special guest playing with him on the cover of the 70's song "your so vain" by Carly Simon. this guest being long time friend, Johnny Depp. i personally haven't been waiting for this album to come out one bit. but now i'm slightly interested in hearing how this would work out. now while i can't find anything from Mr. Depp on this, but Manson has had a few interviews where he said that the two would be working on this song together. according to Manson, Depp will play drums and lead guitar while he will play guitar and sing. he also said that Depp's son, Jack, will play with them as well. i will be looking forward to how this plays out. after having heard Manson sing with Gaga on the remix of her song "love game" and it turning out to be pretty good, i do have some high hopes that there will be one song on the Born Villain album i may be buying after all. 

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