Friday, June 8, 2012

Manson is losing touch

The way i see things with Mr. Manson nowadays, he losing touch with the dark, angry little boy that lives inside of him. yes, he's still wearing the make-up, the ten feet tall boots, and leather pants, but he's not acting, talking, or singing the same as he used to. what happened to the dark man who used to give parnets nightmares? what happened to the super freak who used to cage chickens and women?! the dark is gone, the edge is gone, the horror show has been closed for good. i suppose we should have seen this when the album "Eat Me, Drink Me" dropped. but every musician has one album that isn't so great, right? and they come back with something better right? i guess, in Manson's case there's no bouncing back....he just keeps going down hill. today i watched the video for his latest song "Running to the Edge of the World" and it reminds me a little of the Bruno Mars video for "The Lazy Song". he's sitting right in front of the camra as he sings. it looks like something a teenage boy would do as a remake of a real music video. hey! hey, Brain! we're up here! quiet reading the lyrics sheet and look at us. how many times is he going to look down. something has happened to my madman. the first strick had to be him dropping the Marilyn part of his name. then came "Eat Me, Drink Me" with songs like "If i was your vampire", "Heart-shapped Glasses", and "Are you the rabbit?" that are so toned down that you don't even know you're listing to a Manson song.

when i first heard "Heart-shapped Glasses" i didn't realize it was Manson singing. it just doesn't sound like him. and his image...he just doesn't look like the man i've pretty much worshipped since like 8th grade. he's removed the peircings, cut the hair, put a shirt on and covered his tattoos. he wears nothing but suits and ties now. he looks like an ex-member of My Chemical Romance. like a nicely dressed little emo kid. not that theres somthing wronge with emos, but thats not Manson! i want the blood back, the peircings, the tattoos, the wild hair and make up, the clearly handmade outfits, the costumes that make little kids cry. also, his acts of violence in his videos no longer have a true meaning behind them. its more like he just felt like hitting someone, or cutting something and did so. theres no point. its just stupid, hatefull violence. so, what do i have to say to Mr. Manson? get back to what made you famous, not this shit thats creating wannabee goth kids. 

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  1. D'aww, he looks adorable as a nicely dressed emo kid. And look how happy he is! I guess it's hard to be angry and violent when the world is so kind and generous.