Friday, June 8, 2012

A reveiw of Breathe Carolina's Hello Fascination

starting out on the scene of a cute blond walking into what looks to be a warehouse, we're sent on a trip of color and amazing vocals. the beat is up and fun as with most any Breathe Carolina song. its the kind of song you can see little emo kids dancing to at a club, but others can easily get into as well. i love listening and watching Kyle Even (the tall lit.brown haired guy)sing. he's just one of those people who's voice just doesn't seem right from them. he doesn't look like the type to be doing the screaming in their songs, but he does it so well and its just so much fun to watch him. David Schmitt (the shorter dark brown haired) is our sweet and soft vocals. i love his voice. its calming and beautiful. the combination of both Kyle and David is prefect and amazing. while the music video doesn't really seem to have much going on with the song, i mean rainbows are nice, but what about something like the scissors she cuts you with. all in all, a very nicely done video and totally fun to watch. keep your eyes on Kyle, its a blast. 

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