Friday, June 8, 2012

On The Black Veil Brides' "The Legacy" music video

lets just jump right in and say....this is a cheesy video. plain and simple. i've seen this a million other times for other metal/emo/goth music videos. you've got all five of the guys standing around a junk yard with cars piled up behind them. then once the music starts, fire shoots out. after having seen both the video for "Pens and Knives" and the video for "Perfect Weapon", i was a little disappointed in this video. i expected a little more of a story like in the others. instead we get the typical rock video that has graced us since the 80's. fire, chains, rain, and finally the rock star melt down are the basics of this video. my suggestion for them is to use their creative minds and come up with a video that hasn't already been done five million times before. do something that really tells the story you're trying to convey. 

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