Friday, June 8, 2012

on another Rob Zombie music video- "living dead girl"

now here's my fav Zombie music video. how can you not love "living dead girl"? it's got a fun beat, creepy lyrics, and she's just kool looking to begin with. it's hard to tell, even after seeing the music video over and over a million times,just what the living dead girl is. is she a zombie? a vampire? something else?(?!!!!) the basic idea for this video is an old style freak curicus theme. you've got the towns ppl shrieking in terror of this girl. Rob in a top hat, cap, cane, and glasses combo. it's shot in blue, green, and yellow filters to give it that old movie feel even more so. there are also breaks in it were the tell us what the ppl are doing or saying or thinking, with addes to the funny, old movie theme of it all. in the end, the living dead girl was not meant to be part of our world. too bad. i would have loved to be friends with her.

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