Friday, June 8, 2012

WTF?! American Idol style

American Idol has some pretty crazy moments during tryouts. its part of the reason i watch Idol. but i also like watching the bad singers. its pretty funny. if you haven't seen it, then you should go check it out. RIGHT. NOW. but i have to say, this is my favorite moment.

here we got this body trainer. he's got a well toned bod, abs, six pac, the works. and what does he do when he gets on American Idol? why, he takes his shirt off. so then Steven and Randy decide to join in his shirtlessness. back in his day, Steven was good looking without his shirt on.......but now....he's well old...and not as toned or good looking. and Randy......he's a lil chubby, but still cute you know. still. standing next to this body builder, they dont look so hot. though, maybe if they were standing alone without shirts, they'd look fine......still, lets keep our clothes on, boys. 

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