Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On Alice Cooper Covering Lady Gaga

so i was browsing musicfails when i came across this lil video. Alice Cooper Covers "Born this way". well i like Alice and i like positive-gay-rights-pop-songs and i like Lady Gaga so i took a listen. this is pretty....interesting. i dont think i've ever seen this many black clad kids get this happy a pop song thats not from the 80's. as far as covers go, this was pretty good. i liked it all rocked up and better yet Gaga herself was there dressed as a member of Cooper, wailing on a guitar. now of course Alice isn't a girl nor is he a gay. but he is a strange lil man who likes to wear dark make up and chop his own head off. so natural he had to put his own twist on it. "Called my self Alice and surprised my dad. he just didn't understand.i worn my make up, i acted bad,but it was all just part of the be a freak is not a sin!there's not that we can't do....I'm beautiful in my way,cuz god makes no mistakes,i'm on the right track baby i was born this way!" let me tell you this was a show worth going to. Gaga killed it on guitar out there and Alice did a perfect cover of this song that fit to his crowd and himself as well. i hope to see Gaga playing with more big rock stars like this. also as a side note, she has also done a remix of her song "Love Game" with Marilyn Manson that is also out-of-this-world-freaky-good. i give this a 5 out of 5 and am dying for much more from the Queen Monster.

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