Friday, June 8, 2012

Alice in Chain's "Your Decision"

this is a great music video. while i can't really figure out just what they're trying to tell me, the visual is every interesting. through out the whole video there's one girl that we keep chasing. she passes by all of these rooms where people are doing strange sex acts and the boys from AIC are watching. in the end we finally catch the girl only to have her tie us up and kill us. but that is only assumed as she ends the video by eating a what looks to be a human brain. the song its self i love. it has the same Alice In Chains vibe that i've always loved since first hearing "Man in the Box". while we are missing singer Layne Staley and bassist Mike Starr, the new members are still keeping the sound of AIC going strong. i give the song a 5 out of 5 and the video a 4 out of 5. i would like the video to explain a little more of the song than it does, but its still a good video to watch. 

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