Friday, June 8, 2012

On the concept of "Aging and Changing" Musicians

so i write a lots about bands or singers who switch from one form of music that they have been doing since the begining of their careers and then move to something off the chart for them. there are a lot of people who see this as "edgy". its not. some people have no issue what so every with a singer or band that's been playing, lets as pop music, and then suddenly decids they want to play something like screamo. that's a pretty big and strang jump to me. to turn on the fans that loved your music from the begining, the real you played and to just take that and toss it out the window is stupid in my eyes. its like when parents tell you "oh this new (goth, emo, punk, etc) thing you're doing is just a phase. you dont really care or feel that way." well people who flip over to something totally not them like that are living up to what their parents said to them. did you see Black Sabbath using a synthesizer in the fuckin 80's when every band/singer had one? hell no. and why? because heavy metal is them. that is what they want to put out there for the whole world to see. they know that's what they fans want to see. they don't want a new trick or gimick. they want a new story. no metal-loving-fuck-head wants to go to an Ozzy show dressed in a ripped tee and black jeans only to find Ozzy wearing bubble gum pink hot pants and tessed blonde hair with drag queen make up. would a lil kid want to go to a Hannah Montana show wearin one of her gittlery, bright tees only to find Hannah is in to wearing the latest in Emo fashion? i think not. so heres my problem with when a band takes a huge step in a in the opposite way; they're not staying true to who they told the world they are. they're ditching their fan base for a bigger one because of either money or feeling as though they have to compet with everyone out there. stick to the people who really under stand you. stick to the fans that have been there since day one. and now to the fans of these flip-flopy bands. yes i get you love this band. they're your life and they get you and all that good shit. i truly do understand this. (i just recently had a bad "break up" with my four year love, Marilyn Manson.) but the fact is that what ever they do, what ever harsh words are tossed at them are (and hear me good and clear now)ARE NOT MENT AS A SLAM TO YOU, DUMBASS. whatever people say about your fav band is not a reflection of you unless you alow it to be. just because i was into MM doesn't mean i also liked drugs, crazy sex, and being a freak just to be a freak. in fact i was a straight A student who was quit scared of boys and rarely got asked out (mostly cuz nobody knew i was there because i was super quiet). but people did assume i was into that shit. and as the old sayin goes "assuming makes an ASS out of U and ME". so just grow a fucking thicker skin. if you're gonna listen to differnet music from everyone else or dress differnet you have to expect that others wont always like it or be nice to you. that's just the world. i'm sure your family and friends would say the same. also, just cuz someone says something you don't like about your fave band doesn't make them stupid or a homophobe. it just means they have a differnet view. you're just gonna have to learn to live with stuff like that and not let it ruin your day, just like i'm not bout to let some of the harsh comments on my blog get me down. you have your view and i have mine. if you don't like mine then dont read. that's all i got to say. laters. 

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