Friday, June 8, 2012

Top Ten Pop Groups/bands/singers

pop music has evolved over time. some would say its gotten better. i would say its all turned to electronic shit. but this isn't about shitty music. this is about my top ten best pop artists. (now in color)

10)T.L.C- this great 90's all female group topped the charts with songs like "Waterfalls" and "No Scrubs". i believe they would have made it out of the 90's and onto charts in the 2000's if it had not been for the death of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. Left Eye will surly be missed.

9)Coldplay- fun and upbeat, but at the same time very sad and thoughtful. Coldplay is one of those unrated bands. many think they weren't good at their peck even. but Coldplay has continued to put out great songs.

8)Backstreet Boys- who doesn't like 90's pretty boys singing cutesy songs about teenage love? you don't? well then fuck you!. the Backstreet Boys were a great boy band and if they had a come back today, you can bet your ass everyone and their mom would be there in a heart beat!

7)Katy Perry- yes, there is SOME good pop music in the 2000's! thank God for Katy Perry. cute, up beat, and just plain crazy fun. you just gotta love her. its like not loving puppies or Rob Halford! you have to be insane.

6)Destiny's Child- of course they have to be on here! they gave us Beyonce! sassy, hot and loaded with amazing vocals, their were one of the best pop groups of the 90's. i think i speak for everyone when i say, its ok they're not together anymore. Beyonce's still big (and sexy).

5)Justin Timberlake- first in the Micky Mouse Club house with Britney and Christina, then 'N Sync, Justin is just about everywhere. his whinny vocals pushed him to the front. now with his own solo career and songs like "Cry me a river" and "Sexy back", i don't think he needs Micky or the rest of the guys. i mean, he sang with Madonna!!

4)B.O.B- another great star from the 2000's! this boy has a way with words and if u'll allow me this moment to talk like a teen, he's pretty fly. it took him awhile to get discovered, but hell if we're not happy for it!

3) All Star Weekend- not a whole lot know about these cute guys. their mostly know due to Disney Channel. (rrrgg. Disney...) but despite this slight fall back, their still all in all a really good band.

2) Drake Bell- he started out on the what was once popular Nick show Drake and Josh, Drake Bell is one of the few very talented teen stars out there. he can play guitar and sing and he's cute, its a win, win, win!

1)Britney Spears- she had to be here and you know it! from the Micky Mouse Clubhouse to "Baby hit me one more time" to a shaved head to now. its been a wild and crazy and drug filled trip, but i know that you where right there watching the whole thing go down. some were rutting for her, some were bashing her, but in the end Brit came out on top with her new CD "Femme Fatale". you just cant keep her down. thank God for that. 

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