Friday, June 8, 2012

A WTF?! moment with Blood on the dance floor

welcome, and let me start by saying....WHAT THE FUCKING HELL?!!!!!!! now that i've said that, let me explain. while skimming through Blood on the dance floor songs i came across this song titled "Believe". i love BOTDF. i haven't found a song i didn't like....that is till now!!! these guys are all about sex, drugs, clubbing, sex, girls, sex, code words for sex, and sex. they're loud, crud, and sometimes scary. even one of their more tamer songs, "Death to your heart" is still angry and creepy. but this song.... this song is some kind of weird Owl City type song....not that Owl City is a bad band. i love "Fireflies". but still. this is not the kind of song for a group all about sex. i mean really! what was going on in your fluffy little heads, Davey and Garrett? this song seriously creeps me the fuck out. and normally it takes a clown to creep me out. to explain my fear, here are some of the lyrics from "Candyland" which is on the same album as "Believe" -

"Let me show you my game (watch! )
I'll put those shoes to shame (ooh! )
These rhymes that I write
Make you wanna fuck all night
When we take off our clothes (ahh...)
She sucks me 'til it snows
I'll fuck her face so hard
She is my wild card (sweet! )
My sticky lollipop
Inside this sweet gumdrop
I'm bout to explode
It feels too good to stop (mmm! )
Just taste my tootsie roll
You rub my icicle
I gotta get my fix
Please lick my pixie stick"

and now for some of the lyrics from "Believe" -

"Believe in me, When you feel like you’re losing all your hopes and dreams.
Believe in me, When I am gone you gotta keep a smile on.
Believe in me, Goodbye my friends; Just celebrate the times we spent.
Believe in me, We all die; It’s in our fully big adventure.
Believe in me, When I’m gone…
We all fall down, We’ll pick you up
We all fall down, We’ll pick you up
Believe in me, Just keep your faith and believe in all that you make."

now hopefully you understand my fear. leave your comments below. 


  1. They made "Believe" for one of their fans who died. Yes most of their songs are bout sex but alot of people think that song was sweet. i mean botdf totally means individuality so dont be creeped if they change just for a little while (:

  2. now that i look back on this i dont think it creeped me out so much as it just kinda thru me off. like you listen to all their other stuff and you think they can't possiable be sweet or anything and then BAM! they r and your just left like...whoa