Friday, June 8, 2012

On Joe Jonas' "See No More"

so before i say anything bout Joe, let me say this i like the Jonas Brothers, but never really thought that any of them had real talent by themselves. boy was i ever wrong! he's like the freakin' Justine Timberlake of the JoBros! this boy has some real talent that he was clearly never able to show with his brothers. the whole time i was beleiving Joe would do nothing after the split. maybe act, maybe go back to school. didn't figure he could make it on his own.
the song is one of those good old songs about a girl breaking your heart and him saying "I wont let you beat me down". i know you've heard one like that before. the music video is interesting too. starting out with him in a dark room and a bunch of scenes of the sky and a dirt road. the only part i cant really figure out is the whole dress hanging on the wall. i mean, what chick really hangs her dress on a random wall? its very dramatic and moves easily. while i personaly dont think his cute, im sure theres some chick out there thinkin that he rocks the Justin Timberlake look. (seriously, he really look like JT only more Jonas-y) theres also a little rap spew in it that really just ties this whole thing together. so its safe to assume that i'll be buying his album when it comes out. i give the song a 4 out of 5. (yes! im doing the rating thing again!) 4 cuz im not too huge on songs like this, but he makes it work. 

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