Friday, June 8, 2012

On Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher"

“Hot for Teacher” is a laugh out loud kind of music video, in a good way though. The guys from Van Halen try to act like they know how to dance, but I mean come on. Dancing is not what they got famous for. On a positive note, the video plays like a short film about the members of Van Halen and a nerdy boy by the name of Waldo in middle school. It’s the first day of school and they have, well a pretty hot teacher. Mostly the teacher just takes off clothes and dances around in a tiny bikini. It’s everybody’s dream to see their teacher do that, right? No? Anyway, the end of the video was probably my favorite part. They showed clips of each boy as adults with pretty entertaining captions under each. Some went on to do good. Others got locked up. Either way, one of Van Halen’s best videos and songs. Fun, flirty, and down right well stupid. 

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