Friday, June 8, 2012

On Devin Fox's "Hooked On You"

so for starters, why the hell is the girl fucking taller than you and look older than you?! he looks just like Beaver boy only blonde. same hair, same little kid face, same style of clothing. this song gets creepier and creepier as it goes on. he wants her to be his "puppy girl"?! and he wants her to be his girl just so he can take he all ove the world? whats up with that? do you really think she wants to travel with you? and she makes you fantasize? about what?! your like tweleve!!! what do you got to fantasize about?! and she doesn't seem all that into you anyway. he gets sad when she just talks to another guy too. his voice has clearly been messed with. it sounds too much like a robot. the whole idea is just bording and i've seen it way too many time. hello, that Backstreet Boys? the 90's have come and gone ppl. no one wants to lisen to a shity boyband or popy boy singer anymore. youtube is getting scarier and scarier every day. 

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