Friday, June 8, 2012

Boys and make-up

if theres one thing i know, its not all guys can pull off wearing make-up. they also really shouldn't make make-up for girls to wear if their a teen pop star. Justine Beaver not only has nail polish, but a line of womens purfume..... okay... and you want to prove to us that your not gay? well its not helping, dude. i mean itd be one thing if it was MEN's collone. but its not. im starting to think, "poor Selena. shes just a cover gf." besides, now i can't go in to any store that sells purfume with out seeing his face on a million huge posters with this creepy chick all over him. and it doesn't smell good at all! also i can't get on youtube to watch something with out his stupid add about how someday the chick will meet him popping up and not going away fast enough! creepy add. everytime i watch it i swear she says someday she'll BE Justine Beaver.....okaaaay. girlys got some issues. anyway. make-up on some guys, works. some guys that aren't teen pop stars making make-up for women, works. teen pop stars making make-up for women, doesn't work. 

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